Selling Your Yacht

When it comes to selling your super yacht, Falcon Rydell Yachts is here to handle every step of the process with expertise and dedication. From determining the right price to presenting your yacht in the best light, our team will take care of all aspects of marketing and planning the sale. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure that your yacht receives the attention it deserves in the market.

Trust Falcon Rydell Yachts to guide you through the selling process seamlessly, from start to finish, until the successful closure of the sale. Let us take the reins and make selling your super yacht a smooth and rewarding experience for you.

The price

Using our knowledge of the market, the sales prices of comparable yachts, the market in general and what is currently on offer we advice an appropriate bandwidth for an asking price and the net amount you should anticipate after allowing for negotiations.

All together this should allow you to make a calculated decision on the asking price.

Finding the right price to get serious interest is a process and is effected by the market movements. We therefore ensure that we regularly benchmark the asking price to the movement in the market.


Every yacht is unique, thus a few images and the specifications are insufficient to capture that. We personally visit each yacht, determine her condition, getting a feel for her and allowing us to match her to the new owner. In order to help prospective buyers understand why this is the appropriate yacht for them, we have invested time to develop original content that recounts the tale of each individual yacht.

As a result, every yacht has a personalised story that explains every feature and the yacht’s history. This helps a prospective buyer understand why this yacht is worth seeing in person.


We advertise your yacht globally, using all relevant media. Whether through direct marketing, online platforms or through other super yacht brokers around the world. We make sure to reach as many people as possible, and we’ll provide you with a regular update to show you what we’ve done.


The market and timeframe you set yourself to sell the yacht can strongly determine the asking price, as price and time have a strong relationship. As the yacht’s owner, you have a strong emotional bond with her and invested a great deal of money. The delivery of a new yacht, itinerary planning or other investments all effect the planning.

Entering the market with the wrong asking price, run the risk of losing active customers and possibly even credibility as they descend the price reduction ladder and disappear from sight.

We look forward to discussing all these scenarios in confidentiality so that we can give the best possible advice.


When the right buyer is found an intensive period ensues to bring negotiations to a successful end and ensure the mass of paperwork, sea trial, surveys, payments are carried out thoroughly and professionally.

Falcon Rydell makes use of an escrow account but also collaborates with lawyers and notaries worldwide to ensure a seamless handling of this crucial aspect of the process.

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