How to find the right yacht?

The response is straightforward: Speak with one of our Yacht Brokers and let us handle all the research, making sure your time is spent wisely so you can concentrate on the things that matter to you. You’ll receive the best offers whether on or off the market and follow a process that will give you piece of mind. In the end the goal is to let you enjoy your time on the water with family and friends.

The key question is how involved you want to be in the whole process. We take a very customized approach, honouring the unique aspirations that fuel your dreams. We work to make your dream of sailing a reality and the process enjoyable.

Recognize what you are looking for

We are keen to hear your experience with yachts. Those that you may have owned, chartered and the adventures and yachts you dream about. Through this we will filter down to the more essential attributes and specifications that you require and start working on a selection of options.

A cutting selection

We carefully pick a range of yachts, both on and off the market, that we think suits your requirements. 

Next, based on your transaction timeframe, we shortlist your preferences, including those that you may have identified yourself, so that we can concentrate on the most promising prospects.

We continuously check if new yachts come on the market that may need to be shortlisted.

Due Diligance

We try to leave nothing to chance and thoroughly research the yachts that have been shortlisted, allowing you to make decisions based on facts. We visit yachts together or on your behalf to ensure the right decision is made. When the right yacht is found we will negotiate to ensure a successful transaction.


We work with you to secure the best possible value, safeguard your deposit through the use of an Escrow account and assist you with contract negotiations, surveys, sea trails, registration and insurance. We provide the entire package so you may enjoy yourself on the water right away.

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