Just like home

With a Ferretti yacht you will go on a journey where the feeling of home is preserved, where every day you wake up with a new view and can always discover new destinations, immersed in ultimate luxury. The yacht is your own space, personal and intimate but also free and enterprising. An exclusive place where you can relax and enjoy the world around you. Sailing is an authentic experience where impressions become emotional and converge with the feeling of being at home. Home, comfort, the journey, the sea: clear concepts that have inspired Ferretti Yachts to build the perfect yacht that reflects the personality of the owner and his deepest desires.

Timeless design & style
Reacquaint yourself with the phenomenon of time and with your surroundings as you experience the yacht as a revitalizing home. Each vessel exudes beauty, harmony and innovation. Ferretti Yachts does not follow trends. The timeless style continues to evolve, modern and of great beauty, even transcending trends. Neutral tones meet textures and materials such as wood and natural fibers that invite curiosity and touch. Interior and exterior allow themselves to be harmoniously connected. Each yacht is unique and personal, invites to slow down, to spend quality time together and conveys the character of its guests.

Body, soul, seat | The essence of wellbeing
Ferretti Yachts can take you wherever you want to go. It is no one's time but your own, and you deserve no less than the very best. Inside and outside are just designations because all spaces are your own private property. The real luxury is time. Your everyday life and work determines for you the flow of precious hours and days. Slow down and enjoy the moments that really count, like those aboard a Ferretti yacht.

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Ferretti Yachts Model Range

Elegance and grace | Every day

A new day, a new panorama. Ferretti Yachts is like a romantic vantage point from which to stare into the distance and drown in the beauty of the world in all its glorious nuances. This sophistication makes every day unique and unforgettable. Today’s world is in dire need of timeless beauty. The journey is exploration, discovery, change. Feeling at home is that sense of security and protection at all times, even in the wide open sea.