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Welcome to our world of yachting. We are a close-knit team of yacht enthusiasts, each of us bringing our unique flair, knowledge, and love for the sea to the table. Our playground? The majestic world of both motor and sailing super yachts.

Trust us, we’ve been around the marina a few times, and we know how to navigate the waters of yacht sales and purchases, all while keeping your confidences and actions confidential. At the heart of Falcon Rydell’s operation is the legacy of De Valk Yacht Brokers, our family-owned parent company that set sail in 1947. With such a storied past, we’ve inherited a treasure trove of knowledge and a knack for the finer details in the yachting universe.

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What makes us unique?

Why choose Falcon Rydell?

With our dedicated team and broad network of specialists, Falcon Rydell takes care of everything from the orientation phase on either an existing or new yacht, to that great moment of delivery of your dream yacht. But also, what’s needed afterwards in terms of yacht management, charter management, advice on crew, maintenance & technical service and insurance. Wherever you are and wherever you need the service.

Personal attention, appropriate and honest advice from years of experience is what we stand for and what we offer our customers. We are more than just experts; we’re multilingual aficionados fuelled by passion, ready to guide you through every step of your yachting journey.

For a sneak peek into the adventures we’ve charted and the dreams we’ve helped set sail, whether through selling the yacht, buying the yacht, management or charter, drop by our projects page.

Whether you’re looking to buy your first, sell to upgrade or need advice buying a new super yacht, we welcome you aboard Falcon Rydell, where our love for yachting sails us into new horizons.

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