Falcon Rydell on a visit to Sarnico

Falcon Rydell was in iconic Sarnico in November. Signing a contract for the sale of a Riva Dolceriva was the celebratory reason. In Sarnico, the iconic Riva brand was 'born' 180 years ago and you can still find Carlo Riva's old office (it is called 'La Plancia' in Italian; the bridge) at this shipyard. The whole office breathes the brand with its many pictures, furniture, the ubiquitous aquamarine and the beautiful Riva Lounge.

The production yard in Sarnico near Bergamo was founded in 1842 on Lake Iseo and is today still the heart of Riva. All Riva's are built here from the beginning - from the legendary wooden boats of the past to the modern 27 to 66 foot yachts of today.

Carlo Riva's office stands proudly in the center of the building, with a 40-meter-long arch supported by two large pillars. These pillars also support the two industrial cranes, each capable of lifting twenty tons. This architectural masterpiece can be seen from far across the lake and is protected as a monument, as is the rest of the shipyard. The shipyard spans 36,000 square meters, 17,000 square meters of which are indoors, and has ten jetties, two cranes, four paint booths and a trolley with which to move yachts

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